01/January/2020: New Year Greetings everyone! We hope to have a great year ahead!

06/January/2020: Happy Birthday Rajiv! His birthday celebration in the lab was on 09th January 2020 with a lot of snacks and cake.

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09/January/2020: DVasuLab welcomes its new member Somanath Baral! Somanath has joined our group as a project JRF. Do have a great time with us Somanath!


17/January/2020: Ajit’s pre-synopsis & Aghil’s farewell! Ajit is getting ready with his thesis for submission to Manipal Academy of Higher Education, and in the meanwhile, he gave his open pre-synopsis seminar at ILS, in the presence of his advisory committee members. The group members had a pizza party in the evening to celebrate Ajit’s seminar and also as a farewell to our winter trainee Aghil, who is returning after his training.

19/January/2020 to 30/January/2020: Ajit is at Kolkata to participate in the EMBO Practical Course CEM3DIP: Single particle cryoEM of macromolecular assemblies and cellular tomography. Happy learning Ajit!

20/January 2020 to 27/January/2020: Dileep @ RGCB, Trivandrum! At RGCB, Dileep is a guest faculty, teaching Structural Biology basics to the second semester MSc (Biotechnology) students.

07/February/2020 to 14/February/2020: Rajiv @ Molecular Biophysics Unit, IISc, Bangalore. Rajiv is at IISc-MBU to perform SEC-MALS experiments.

10/February/2020 to 12/February/2020: Ketul & Ruchir @ Biological Sciences Division of IISc, Bangalore! At IISc, Ruchir and Ketul are attending a short Cryo-Electron Microscopy Workshop. The 3-day practical workshop covers aspects of cryo-EM sample preparation, automatic data acquisition, and data processing for single-particle cryo-EM.

25/February/2020: Welcome Surajit! DVasuLab welcomes one of its new Ph.D. students – Surajit Gandhi who got selected through the institutional Ph.D. intake, earlier this month. He completed his MSc (Zoology) from the University of Burdwan, West Bengal, and comes with UGC-JRF.


28/February/2020: National Science Day 2020! Manas, Aritreyee, and Dileep went Nayagarh for the institutional Science Day event held at Nayagarh Autonomous College. They were joined by Dr. Amaresh C. Panda and his students Debojyoti, Aniruddha, and Sambhav. Nausad joined team Balasore with Dr. Mamoni Dash. Back at ILS, the rest of the lab members manned a science counter on protein structures!

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02/March/2020: Welcome Archana! We welcome our new Ph.D. student – Archana Samal who got selected through the institutional Ph.D. intake, last month along with Surajit. She did her MSc (Life Sciences) from the Central University of Punjab, Bathinda, and comes with UGC-JRF.


08/March/2020: Women’s Day, Ajit’s Birthday and visit to Annapurna’s place! We had a gala time at Annapurna and Gagan’s home in Jatani.

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04/April/2020: Covid-19 havoc! During this difficult period, we are restricting ourselves to our homes/rooms and we have been keeping ourselves busy with our work on report, thesis, and manuscript drafts. It has been two weeks and there has been no respite!
However, we took some time out and came up with this simple, yet powerful message: STAY HOME, STAY SAFE.
Idea courtesy: Subhashree Sahoo, the second-last one in the picture here.

Final ShSs

08/May/2020: Rajiv’s review got accepted! In the middle of Covid-19 havoc, we have some reason to be happy. We just got to know that Rajiv’s review article in BioEssays has gotten accepted for publication! That review was indeed a lot of work and no one else could have done that with so many figures. Congratulations Rajiv!

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1/June/2020: Two Ph.D. theses got submitted! Ashish and Ajit have submitted their Ph.D. theses to Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE), Manipal, making those the first two Ph.D. theses from our group. Congratulations guys! We hope you both will get to defend your thesis soon enough.

16/September/2020: Aritreyee bags DBT-RAship! We got the good news that Aritreyee has been selected for the DBT-RA program. She is getting re-started with us from 1st October. Congratulations Aritreyee!

24/September/2020: Ashish defended his thesis! Finally, we have the first PhD graduation from our group. It has been a long journey! Well done Ashish! Dr. Deepti Jain from RCB (Faridabad) and Dr. Mohd. Akif from University of Hyderabad served as his thesis examiners.

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30/September/2020: Lab’s 7th anniversary and Ajit’s defence! On the day our group celebrates its anniversary, Ajit had his defence viva. Ajit had Dr. Deepak T Nair from RCB (Faridabad) and Dr. Gayathri Pananghat from IISER (Pune) as the external examiners for his thesis and viva.

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01/October/2020: Aritreyee is back as a DBT-RA! After a short break upon completion of her N-PDF, Aritreyee is back with us as a DBT-RA. Welcome back Aritreyee.

11/November/2020: Vipul-Sushil-Nausad paper got accepted! We got the good news that our WSSV Thymidylate Synthase structure manuscript has gotten accepted for publication in the International Journal of Biological Macromolecules. Congratulations!

12/November/2020: Manas’ manuscript got accepted! Manas’ SAXS work on Arabidopsis ClpC1 protein got accepted for publication, also in the International Journal of Biological Macromolecules. Congratulations! Double Dhamaka before Diwali!

14/November/2020: Diwali Greetings everyone!

25/December/2020: Merry Christmas folks!

X-mas Greetings