13/January/2016: Manas, Rajiv, Supriya and Dileep just got back from IICT, Hyderabad after crystal data collection at Dr. Anthony Addlagatta’s facility therein.

15/January/2016: Ms. Priyadarsini Gope has joined our group as a lab technician. We wish her a wonderful stay with us.

29/January/2016: Prof. Venkatesh Byrappa from the Institute of  Molecular and Cell Biology (IMCB), Singapore visited ILS as our guest and gave a wonderful lecture on ‘Sequencing and analysis of the elephant shark genome‘.

25/February/2016: In conclusion to today’s ILS Foundation Day Oration by Prof. Indira Nath (AIIMS) Ashish, Ajit and Rajiv received their certificates and cash award for last year’s SAC posters. In addition, Ashish got ILS’s 3rd best work presentation award and cash prize. Way to go boys!!! Sky is the limit. 🙂

04/March/2016: To celebrate their poster & work presentation awards, Ashish, Rajiv and Ajit gave a dinner party for the members of ILS lab-8 and friends at Aangan Premium restaurant near Sainik School.

08/March/2016: Happy Birthday Ajit! We had a grand celebration with cake and snacks in our lab. The birthday munching / dining happened on 11th evening. The birthday season of our group starts now! 🙂

10/March/2016: Chinmayee has gotten selected for the SERB National Post-Doctoral Fellowship. Congratulations Chinmayee!! She has been with us for almost 2 years as a DBT-RA. We are happy that you will have a longer stay with us! 🙂

23/March/2016Rajiv & Ajit had their synopsis presentation at Manipal University and now they are officially registered for their PhD with Manipal University. Congratulations guys!

11/April/2016: Birthday Greetings Priyadarsini! Priyadarsini’s birthday was on 1oth April and we celebrated it in our lab on 11th evening with her ILS friends. Being the newest member of our group, we decided to make it special with lots of cake and pizza.

19/April/2016: Happy Birthday Manas! Manas’ birthday was celebrated at ILS with cake and samosas. For a change, we had the celebration in Faculty Lounge instead of lab/office. The group and his friends had evening snacks from Vyanjan Restaurant near Press Chawk. Food was fantastic!

25/April/2016: Upon completion of two years in PhD program, Rajiv & Ajit had their ‘JRF to SRF’ committee meeting where they presented the progress with their respective PhD projects. Now as SRF, they both are entitled for higher fellowship amount. Congratulations guys!

17/May/2016: Birthday Greetings Ashish! We had a gala celebration in our lab with cake and snacks. On 18th May evening we had the birthday munching session at ‘Green Chillyz’ eatery near Nalco Square with his friends.

18/May/2016: Our group photo!


L to R – Manas, Ajit, Sushil, Dileep, Rajiv, Ashish, Priyadarsini & Chinmayee

15/June/2016: Happy Birthday Sushil! We celebrated his birthday with cake and snacks. We had missed his birthday last year as it was soon after he joined us.

21/June/2016Welcome Aravind M! Aravind has joined our group as a National Academy-sponsored Summer Research Fellow. He is a 3rd year B.Tech. (Biotechnology) student from Tamil Nadu Agricultural University. We wish him all the very best for the summer project with us.

15/July/2016:Birthday Greetings Chinmayee! We wish you a great year ahead! Her birthday was celebrated in lab and the birthday special lunch was organized on 22nd July 2016 at Dakhin 9 restaurant near District Centre. Sixteen of us had a sumptuous lunch!

31/July/2016: Farewell Greetings Priyadarsini! She stayed with us for only a little over six months. We found her very pleasant and hard working. But when better opportunities strike, one has to move on! She decided to take up her studies full-time. We are sure she will become an awesome teacher, after completing her M.Ed. course from RIE – Bhubaneswar. All our best wishes Priyadarsini!! We will miss a great team member though!

30/August/2016: Good luck Aravind! Aravind has completed his National Academy-sponsored Summer training and has gone back to his college.

11/September/2016: Happy Birthday Dileep! Dileep had his birthday on 11th September. The group and his colleague friends celebrated in ILS faculty lounge with cake, tea and snacks. The Lab-8 gang had an evening ‘munching’ session at ‘Green Chillyz’ eatery near Nalco Square on the 14th.

01/October/2016: Welcome Sudeshna Sen! Sudeshna has joined our group as a Laboratory Technician. She is the latest addition to our group. We wish her a great time with us in ILS. 🙂

06/December/2016: Back from synchrotron trip! Chinmayee, Ashish and Ajit just got back in lab from the Indian synchrotron RRCAT, after a very long and tiring data collection trip. However, they came back with 12 datasets and hopefully, we will be able to get some good structures from the trip! With a 1.1 Angstrom dataset for one of his proteins, Ajit seems to have benefited the most!