Everything happens for good! With this positive note, we start to count our blessings and wish you more. Enjoy the New Year in the bestest possible way. Have an awesome New Year!

06/January/2018: Birthday Greetings Rajiv!!! Rajiv had his birthday on 06th Jan (Saturday). The lab celebration got spilled over to 08th Jan (Monday) and the birthday special dinner was on 10th Jan 2018 at Dakhin 9 Restaurant, Chandrasekharpur.

08/January/2018: Welcome S. Anshuman Jyoti Panda! Anshuman has joined our group for his 6-month MSc project. He is pursuing his MSc (Microbiology) from M.P.C Autonomous College, Baripada.

18/January/2018: Congratulations Ajit! For all the help he did with protein purification and CD experiments, Ajit gets authorship on a publication in Scientific Reports with Soma’s group in ILS. https://www.nature.com/articles/s41598-018-19295-0 . The paper thus falls in the category of ‘it is not our paper, but it is our paper’. 😀

20/January/2018 to 28/January/2018: Data collection @ RRCAT! Ashish, Sushil and Dileep were at RRCAT, Indore for X-ray diffraction data collection. Help and support of Ravi, Biplab and Ashwani keep taking us back to RRCAT every now and then. We don’t want to think about RRCAT BL21 beam line without them!

04/February/2018 to 15/February/2018: SAXSy and AUCsome time @ IMTECH Chandigarh! Manas, Ajit, Ashish and Dileep were at IMTECH Chandigarh, doing Small Angle X-ray Scattering (SAXS) and Analytical Ultra Centrifugation (AUC) experiments. Many Thanks to Dr. Ashish Ganguly and Dr. Deepak Sharma and their teams for all the help with our experiments at IMTECH! Not to forget the help of Digvijay for AUC experiments! 🙂

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06/March/2018: Congrats Ashish! Ashish got 3rd prize in our institute’s seminar club in the category of Journal Presentation for the year 2017. Way to go!

07/March/2018 to 12/March/2018: ESRF trip! Chinmayee and Manas have successfully completed data collection at ESRF, Grenoble (France). Manas collected single crystal X-ray diffraction data and Chinmayee completed Bio-SAXS experiments at ESRF. This was our first SAXS data collection at a Synchrotron! They are back in Bhubaneswar and we are getting tons of data from this trip. 🙂

15/March/2018: Belated Birthday Greetings Ajit! Ajit was on vacation for his birthday (08th March) and we celebrated the same on 15th March with cake and snacks. Ajit sponsored a dinner/snacks session at Paris Bakery, Press Chawk. Food was awesome!

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24/March/2018: Dileep’s write-up got featured in StoriesInScience. Dileep’s write-up on his experience getting a position and setting up a lab in India got featured in StoriesInScience: https://storiesinscience.org/2018/03/24/building-my-research-lab-in-india/

25/March/2018 to 30/March/2018: Ashish and Ruchir are back in lab! Ashish had gone to our collaborator Dr. Insaf Qureshi’s lab at University of Hyderabad for some computation-related work, as part of his PhD project. Ruchir had been to RRCAT, Indore for a short meeting/workshop on Synchrotron data collection and data processing. They both had great learning experiences!

03/April/2018: Aritreyee is back with a bang! 😉 After a short break that resulted from the uncertainty regarding the start-date as an N-PDF, Aritreyee is back in lab. Welcome back girl!

04/April/2018: DAC meeting time! Having completed 4 years of their PhD, Ajit and Rajiv had work presentations in front of their respective Doctoral Advisory Committees. We had invited a few additional faculty members from ILS, in order to get their valuable suggestions. It was worth the discussions!

15/April/2018 to 21/April/2018: Ruchir is at IIT, Roorkee: Ruchir has gone to attend the Gian course on “Recent Advancements in Biophysical Techniques and Virology” at IIT, Roorkee.

25/April/2018: Wedding Bells are ringing in DVasuLab! Two of our people have become a couple! Many Congratulations Manas and Chinmayee! We all are happy for you. For sure you make a great pair! Your joint project in lab was a big hit and a life together can’t be any less than awesome!!

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15/May/2018: DVasuLab welcomes Vipul! Vipul Panchal has joined us as a project SRF. We wish him a great time with us at ILS. 🙂

vipul 2


17/May/2018: Happy Birthday Ashish! Ashish had his birthday celebration at ILS with lab members and his friends. In the late evening, we all went out for an awesome birthday dinner at Smog Resto Café in Gajapati Nagar. It was a combined birthday dinner by Ashish and Deeptimayee from our partnering RKS lab. Deepti’s birthday was on last Saturday.

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30/May/2018: Birthday Greetings Ruchir! All of us from lab and his friends together celebrated Ruchir’s birthday in the evening. Hope the year brings the best for Ruchir!

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17/June/2018: Gathering at DVasu residence! We  had a small gathering at Dileep’s residence, with some Kerala dishes for lunch.

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27/June/2018 to 29/June/2018: Ashish, Ruchir and Dileep were at the 46th National Seminar on Crystallography (NSC46) conducted at NIMHANS, Bengaluru by Prof. B. Padmanabhan and his team. Dileep and Ashish, both had oral presentations. It was indeed a great time, catching up with fellow macromolecular crystallographers of India, including the stalwarts such as Prof. M. Vijayan, Prof. M.R.N. Murthy, Prof. T.P. Singh and the like.

Group photo time! Our group photos were taken for the institute’s annual report. Here are some of them. 🙂

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18/July/2018 to 20/July/2018: EMSI-2018 in Bhubaneswar! The International Conference on Microscope and 39th Annual Meeting of Electron Microscope Society of India was held in Bhubaneswar. The Life Science part of the meeting had participants from all over India. Of our special interest were the Cryo-EM sessions and from DVasuLab, Ashish, Rajiv, Ajit, Manas, Ruchir, Vipul, Aritreyee and Dileep attended those sessions. Dileep had an invited talk too.



19/July/2018: Welcome Shaikh Nausad Hossain! Nausad has joined DVasuLab as a post-doctoral fellow. All the very best for a great stay with us Nausad!!



04/August/2018: Lunch @ Manas-Chinmayee’s home! We all went to Manas and Chinmayee’s abode for a sumptuous lunch! 🙂



01/September/2018 to 06/September/2018: Ruchir’s ESRF trip! Ruchir went ESRF, Grenoble (France) for Bio-SAXS data collection. He had a good trip and stay at ESRF, plus he managed to get some good SAXS data for our group.

11/September/2018: Birthday Greetings Dileep! Dileep had his birthday celebrated in the group with lab members and fellow faculty friends! The group had the birthday special dinner on 17th September at Go South restaurant in Infocity premises.

21/September/2018 to 30/September/2018: Ashish attending FEBS course! Ashish has gone to Prague (Czech Republic) to attend the FEBS Course on “Hydrodynamic and Thermodynamic Analysis of Biological Macromolecules and Their Interactions” being organized by the Biotechnology and Biomedicine Centre of the Academy of Sciences and Charles University, Prague from 23rd to 28th September, 2018. Happy Learning Ashish!

30/September/2018: Today DVasuLab completes five years of existence! We haven’t made any tremendous progress to showcase, but we have made a nice ecosystem to do awesome science. Many thanks to our friends and well-wishers.


25/October/2018: Vipul’s PhD Defense! Vipul defended his PhD thesis today at IGIB and has officially become Dr. Vipul Panchal, PhD. Congratulations Vipul!! He continues to work with us on the DBT project.

01/November/2018: Happy Birthday Nausad!! We celebrated Nausad’s birthday in lab with an awesome cake and tasty snacks.

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06/November/2018: Diwali Greetings from DVasuLab! Let this Diwali be as joyous, colorful and bright as possible!

Diwali 2018


10/November/2018: Manas has gone to Trieste, Italy! He has gone for our first crystal data collection at the Italian Synchrotron – Elettra. We look forward to a trip full of good datasets!! He will be back on 19th November.

11/November/2018 to 14/November/2018: Rajiv was at the Molecular Biophysics Unit (MBU), IISc Bangalore! He was at MBU for some SEC-MALS experiments.

15/November/2018 to 17/November/2018: The 7th Meeting of the Asian Forum of Chromosome and Chromatin Biology at JNCASR – Rajiv, Ajit and Dileep attended this meeting at JNCASR, Bangalore and got overloaded with a lot of recent chromatin research updates. 🙂

17/November/2018: Happy Birthday Aritreyee! As the birthday fell on a weekend, celebrations got postponed. We had the cake cutting in lab and birthday dinner at Barbeque Nation on Tuesday, the 20th of Nov 2018. The dinner was con-sponsored by Nausad (for his birthday) and Vipul (for his PhD completion). 🙂

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25/November/2018 to 06/December/2018: AUC and SAXS time at IMTECH! Ajit, Rajiv and Nausad were in IMTECH during this period. Lots of AUC and SAXS experiments to be carried out.

29/November/2018 to 03/November/2018: Dileep @ ESRF! Dileep had his maiden overseas synchrotron data collection trip from ILS. He went to ESRF, Grenoble and had an eventful trip! 🙂

10/December/2018: Welcome Sangram! Sangram Prusty, a 4th year BS-MS dual degree student from the Department of Chemical Sciences of IISER, Kolkata has joined our group as a short-term winter research student. He was with us until the month-end.



24/December/2018: Welcome Soumen! Soumen S. Dash, a 2nd year MSc (Biotechnology) student from S ‘O’ A University (Bhubaneswar) has joined us for his MSc project. He will be with us for the next 6 months. We wish him the very best!!

Soumen S. Dash


31/December/2018: New Year Greetings!! As the year 2018 comes to an end, we thank everyone for being there and wish you all a happy, healthy, peaceful and successful year 2019.