06/January/2017: Birthday Greetings to Rajiv! We celebrated Rajiv’s birthday in our lab with cake and snacks. We had the birthday outing on 09th Jan to Aangan Premium Restaurant and it became a heavy dinner session rather than munching. Hope the New Year will bring wonders to his science. img_20170106_172330

27/January/2017: Welcome Ruchir C. Bobde! Ruchir has joined as our new PhD student. We welcome him to our group and wish him all the very best for a fruitful PhD with us at ILS.

07/February/2017: The day closes with the good news that the first research paper from our group has just gotten accepted. Congratulations Chinmayee and Manas (the two first authors)! We promise ourselves that this is our humble start! 🙂

08/February/2017: Good news always come in batches! Ajit was adjudged 2nd best in the institutional student seminar presentation series for the year 2016-17. Congratulations Ajit! He got the certificate during Foundation Day Oration and is waiting for the cash award. 🙂

07/March/2017: Back from the 6th Meeting of Asian Forum for Chromatin and Chromosome Biology, Hyderabad. Ashish, Rajiv, Ajit, Ruchir and Dileep are just back from the meeting that was held in CCMB, Hyderabad from 03rd to 05th March 2017.

13/March/2017: Our first research publication has just come out online – in Scientific Reports it is!! Once again congrats Chinmayee & Manas!! http://www.nature.com/articles/srep44366

20/March/2017: Belated Birthday Wishes Ajit! His Birthday was on 08th March. As he was on vacation, the celebration got postponed. Ajit sponsored a dinner for all of us at Aangan Premium restaurant near Sainik School on 20th and we had cake-cutting there itself. Our wishes to Ajit for this year to be really great!

13/April/2017: Welcome Ms. Feba Shaji!! Feba has joined our group as a National Academy-sponsored Summer Research Fellow. She has completed her 1st year MSc from MG University, Kottayam (Kerala). She will be with us for two months (during her semester break).

19/April/2017: Many Happy Returns of the Day Manas! Manas’ birthday was celebrated in our lab on 19th and on 20th we all, with his friends went out for late evening snacks/dinner at Green Chillyz eatery in Nalco Square. We wish him an awesome year ahead.

14/May/2017: Mid-year RRCAT trip! Manas, Ruchir and Dileep are off to RRCAT for crystal data collection. We wish them good luck!!

17/May/2017: Happy Birthday Ashish! Ashish had his birthday celebration in our group with his friends and well-wishers in ILS. Let crystal structures shower on you this year!! 🙂

20/May/2017: Back from RRCAT! Dileep just got back after crystal data collection at RRCAT-Indore (the Indian Synchrotron). The good news is that there could be a couple of new crystal structures from this trip! Manas and Ruchir are staying back for another week and will be back on 27th May, after completing their data collection experiments.

27/May/2017: Back to ILS! Manas and Ruchir are back from RRCAT-Indore after data collection experiments. They have about 10 datasets to work on!

09/June/2017: Farewell Greetings Feba! Feba has completed her summer training and we gave her a small farewell party at Fusion Cafe. Though her stay was short, she made her presence felt in the lab with her pleasant and hardworking demeanor. Good luck with your studies Feba! Lab members will surely miss your ‘Bhaiyya’, ‘Didi’ calls. 🙂



13/June/2017: Fresh from the camera! Here is our latest group photo! And we call it ‘The Power of Ten’ or ‘Dus Ka Dum’. 😀



15/June/2017: DBT grant approved! We just came to know that our recent grant proposal submitted to DBT has gotten approved! So this will be our 4th ongoing grant. Through this project, we will officially start our work on proteins from WSSV virus.

16/June/2017: Birthday Celebration Gala! Ruchir had his birthday on 30th May and he was away at home then. Yesterday was Sushil’s birthday and today Sudeshna’s. So we had a combined birthday party for the three – RSS. 😉 3 cakes and all their friends made it a gala event!

bday group2
Triple Birthday Group Photo
Birthday cakes!


13/July/2017: Good luck Ajit! Ajit is off to ESRF, Grenoble (France) for data collection at synchrotron. We wish him all the very best! Have a safe trip and a great data collection and learning experience at the European Synch.

14/July/2017: Happy Birthday Chinmayee! Her birthday is on 15th July. But as it falls over the weekend, we had the celebration on 14th itself. Cakes, snacks and cold-drinks made it all fun. The gala birthday dinner took place on 26th July 2017 in Aangan Premium Restaurant in Gajapati Nagar.

17/July/2017 to 21/July/2017: SAXSy time at NCBS! Ashish, Chinmayee and Dileep are at NCBS/InStem/C-CAMP, Bangalore; trying their luck with some preliminary bioSAXS experiments at Rams’ facility therein.

19/July/2017: Ajit is back in one piece! 🙂 Ajit has gotten back safely from his first overseas trip. We are sure he had a gala time in ESRF and Paris. We all have been waiting eagerly to hear stories about his much awaited and ‘eventful’ trip. 😉

19/July/2017 to 20/July/2017: GE workshop in NISER! With three of our people gone NCBS and rest of the gang going for GE’s 2-Day workshop on ‘Introduction to downstream techniques and column packing’ at NISER, the lab will stay empty for two days.

20/July/2017: Yet another manuscript accepted! Manuscript from a small collaborative work with Dr. Rabindra Behera of NIT-Rourkela has just gotten accepted for publication in BBA – Proteins and Proteomics. For Manas, this is his second publication. Way to go!!

07/August/2017: Welcome Aritreyee Datta! Aritreyee has joined our group as a post doctoral fellow. We welcome her to our group. Have a great stay with us!

15/August/2017: Happy Independence Day! Our way of celebration is the science way and with protein structures to be precise. 🙂


20/August/2017 to 21/August/2017: Phasing workshop in IICT! Ajit and Manas are in Hyderabad, attending the crystallographic phasing workshop being organized by Dr. Anthony Addlagatta at IICT, in connection with the IUCr meeting in Hyderabad.

21/August/2017 to 28/August/2017: IUCr meeting in Hyderabad! Ajit and Manas stayed on for the week long IUCr meeting @ HICC, Hyderabad and they were joined by Chinmayee and Dileep. Chinmayee got two prizes during the meeting! Way to go Chinmayee!!!

29/August/2017 to 30/August/2017: Workshop on Protein Structure and Drug Discovery @ Hyderabad! Dileep is at University of Hyderabad, doing his bit, contributing to the Workshop being organized at the School of Life Sciences by Dr. Insaf A Qureshi and Dr. Mohd Akif.

29/August/2017 to 03/September/2017: Data collection trip to ESRF! Ashish went for his first ESRF trip for crystal data collection. He had a good trip and is back with some good datasets.

05/September/2017: Teacher’s Day Celebration in Lab-8. We had a great celebration in our lab, with members from nearby labs as well. We seem to easily find reasons for a party or get-together. Photos below….

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11/September/2017: The 09/11 guy (Dileep) had his birthday! The group celebrated his birthday with friends and well-wishers. Birthday lunch session happened at Aangan Premium restaurant on 20th Sept.

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23/September/2017: From lab to kitchen! Members of Lab-8 went to Dileep’s place and tried their cooking skills. Food was yummy! Everyone had a good time cooking, eating and playing card games.

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06/October/2017: Aritreyee bags SERB N-PDF! We got the good news that Aritreyee has been awarded SERB N-PDF to work in our group for the next two years! Way to go young lady!

03/December/2017: Rajiv is back from ESRF data collection trip. Rajiv has just gotten back from France after his first ESRF data collection trip. He collected data at the micro-focus beam line ID23-2. Now we all have several datasets to play with.

07 to 09/December/2017: Dileep @ Virocon Conference. Dileep went Mangalore to attend the Virocon Conference in Mangalore NITTE University.

09/December/2017: Supriya’s wedding! Supriya got married to Pijus Barman at her hometown in Assam and the wedding reception was held in Ranaghat, West Bengal on 14th December 2017. Happy married life Supriya & Pijus!!!!

11 and 12/December 2017: Dileep visited CIFE, Mumbai and IIT-Bombay to initiate collaborations and to explore newer collaborative projects.

13 to 15/December/2017: Dileep attended the Synchrotron discussion meeting held at SINP, Kolkata. The whole idea of the discussion meeting was to take consensus from synchrotron users to evaluate the need for a new (powerful) synchrotron in India.

Year End Greetings from DVasuLab! Thanking everyone for the great year we had! Happy Holidays one and all!!! New Picture