Our Group in 2023

16/May/2023: Photoshoot for ILS Annual Report! It’s time for Official Group Photos. 🙂

15/May/2023: Archana is back from ESRF! Archana went for crystal data collection at European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF), Grenoble, France at the ID30A-3 (MASSIF-3) beamline. She started from Bhubaneswar on 9th May and reached back in lab on 15th May. She managed to test all our crystals and collected plenty of complete datasets, that would result in a good few new structures for the group. And she came back with lots of chocolates!

08/May/2023: Welcome Moushmi! Moushmi Tandi, a second year BS-MS student from IISER Bhopal has joined us as a summer intern. Happy learning Moushmi!

19/April/2023: Adiós Ruchir! Having completed his Ph.D., we bid good bye to Ruchir. Adiós Ruchir, till we meet again.

15/April/2023: Graduation celebration @Puri! To celebrate Ruchir’s graduation, the whole group went to Wonder World Water Park. We had a gala time in the water park and the evening was well spent at Puri beach. We had a grand dinner at Holiday Resort, Puri. The group returned to Bhubaneswar the next morning.

12/April/2023: Ruchir’s Ph.D. viva voce! Ruchir had his viva voce, wherein he successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis. He had Prof. Rajakumara Eerappa from IIT Hyderabad as his viva voce examiner. Congratulations Dr. Ruchir C. Bobde! We are so happy for you!

24/February/2023: Invited lecture at RGCB, Thiruvananthapuram! Dileep gave a lecture at Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Biotechnology (RGCB), Thiruvananthapuram. The title of his lecture was ‘A structural journey with nucleoplasmins’.

23/February/2023: Invited lecture @ KUFOS, Cochin! Dileep gave an talk on the topic of protein crystallography at his alma mater campus, currently the Kerala University of Fisheries and Ocean Studies (KUFOS), Cochin

22/February/2023: GNR Centenary Symposium for Structural Biology at CUSAT! Dileep attended the two-day symposium (21st and 22nd Feb 2023) held in Cochin University of Science And Technology (CUSAT) and gave an invited talk on the 22nd.

22/February/2023: Welcome, Purushottam! Mr. Purushottam Patnaik joins us as the In-Charge of our in-house AUC facility! Happy times, Purushottam!

17/February/2023: Welcome, Vicky! Mr. Vicky Kumar joins us as the In-Charge of our in-house XRD facility! Enjoy your time with us, Vicky!

15/February/2023: Welcome, Bimal & Sonali! DVasuLab welcomes the new Ph.D. students Mr. Bimal Jana & Ms. Sonali Ghosal! We wish them a happy stay with the group. We had a little pizza party to welcome the newbies. 🙂

13/February/2023 to 14/February/2023: CEMBIOS Symposium at NISER! The whole of DVasuLab was at NISER for two days, attending the Symposium on Cryo-Electron Microscopy in Biological Systems (CEMBIOS). Dileep gave a presentation on the first cryo-EM structure from the group. For this structure, thanks are due to Ketul, his EMBO SEG Fellowship to work in NTU, Singapore, and the untiring support from Sandip Basak’s Lab at SBS-NTU, primarily from Nikhil Bharambe and Sandip.

23/January/2023 to 27/January 2023: SAXSy time for Surajit at ESRF! Surajit is at ESRF (Grenoble, France) for our synchrotron SAXS experiments. We expect him to collect tons of data!

10/January/2023: Happy Birthday, Surajit! Lab celebrations were followed by a dinner at ‘Hungry Tummy’ near Nalco Square!

06/January/2023: Birthday Greetings, Dharma! We had the birthday celebrated with a lovely lunch sponsored by him at Malva Restaurant in Patia, Bhubaneswar.

02/January/2023: Movie Mania in DVasuLab! In search of our own avatars, the group landed at the Cinepolis in Esplanade Mall, Bhubaneswar, to watch  Avatar 2.0 (Avatar: The Way of Water). We had an awesome time together, taking up one row of seats in the movie hall. 🙂

01/January/2023: Dinner by Swabhiman! Our celebrations started for the New Year! Swabhiman, who recently moved out from our group upon receiving a State Government job, was back in Bhubaneswar and took us for dinner at Lal Qila Restaurant in Patia, Bhubaneswar.

01/January/2023: Our New Year resolution is to party harder when it still permits and make it big and better in our science!