Our Group in 2022

29/September/2022: Ashish & Ruchir got featured by Plant Cell! As first authors of a manuscript in the Plant Cell, the journal has featured them. Congratulations both!

21/September/2022: Ruchir’s Pre-Thesis Synopsis Presentation. By giving his synopsis presentation, Ruchir has gone one step further towards completing his PhD. His advisory committee members Dr. Tirumala Kumar Chowdary (SBS-NISER) and Dr. Soma Chattopadhyay (ILS) showed green signal for Ruchir to go ahead and submit his thesis. Congratulations Ruchir!

05/September/2022: We are organizing a workshop @ILS. Our first! A two-day workshop on “Recombinant Protein Purification and Protein Crystallography” is being organized at ILS. Details can be seen below.

02/September/2022: Dr. Dharma Rao Tompa joins our team as a post-doc. Have a great stay with us, Dharma!

25/August/2022: Our next one is in BBA-GRM! Many congrats to Ajit and Ketul for their co-first author manuscript getting accepted for publication in the journal ‘Biochimica et Biophysica Acta – Gene Regulatory Mechanisms‘.

23/August/2022: Our manuscript got accepted in ‘The Plant Cell’. Many congratulations to Ruchir and Ashish for their co-first author manuscript getting accepted for publication in the prestigious journal ‘The Plant Cell’. Way to go!

15/August/2022: Independence Day! Here we celebrate iDay with recent structures from our group in tricolour.

12/July/2022: Ketul awarded EMBO Scientific Exchange Grant! Congratulations Ketul! This grant allows him to spend 90 days at NTU, Singapore in Dr. Sandip Basak’s laboratory, trying out some cool cryo-EM stuff. 🙂

11/May/2022: Birthday Greetings to Manoj and Anniversary Greetings to Ketul & Priyanka! Manoj’s birthday and Ketul-Priyanka’s wedding anniversary both fell on 11th May. We had a late evening snack party at Ketul’s place.

28/April/2022: Adieu to Rajiv and Manas! On 28th April, Rajiv and Manas had their train to Delhi and further flights to the US from Delhi. So we went to see them off at Bhubaneswar railway station.

25/April/2022: Our AtFKBP43 manuscript is in bioRxiv! While submitting to a mainstream journal, we got this one out on bioRxiv: https://biorxiv.org/cgi/content/short/2022.04.25.489347v1

19/April/2022: Happy Birthday Manas! We had the birthday party in the lab on 21st April.

07/April/2022: Party time again! It has been a while since Manas defended his PhD, but the celebration (food, drink & dance) had gotten postponed. We finally had it @ Fidalgo, Bhubaneswar. We are covering all the fun we missed during the past two years, before another Covid wave spoils it again.

01/April/2022: Swabhiman Sahu joins us! Swabhiman has joined as an in-charge for the protein XRD facility at ILS. He will be taking care of the facility and doing research projects with our group. Welcome Swabhiman!

Swabhiman Sahu

11/March/2022: Lab party at Booze Buzz Inhouse(BBI) Bhubaneswar! Our long pending lab party for Rajiv’s graduation finally happened! It was loads of fun! Partied and danced till we all dropped! 🙂

18/February/2022: IJBM paper got accepted! The day started with the good news that our manuscript on AtFKBP53-rapamycin theme with the title “Crystal packing reveals rapamycin-mediated homodimerization of an FK506-binding domain” has gotten accepted for publication in the International Journal of Biological Macromolecules. Congratulations Ajit, Ketul & Somanath!

16/February/2022: Congratulations Manas! Manas Kumar Jagdev defended his PhD thesis and has officially become Dr. Manas Kumar Jagdev!

12/February/2022: Our review gets accepted in the journal “Reviews in Aquaculture”, a prestigious journal in the field of Aquaculture & Marine Biotechnology. Congratulations to the postdoc team of DVasuLab – Aritreyee, Nausad & Chinmayee!

01/January/2022: Happy New Year everyone!